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Ovulation Stimulation

After a fertility investigation, a suggestion may be to try to help with ovulation stimulation, also called ovulation induction. Ovulation stimulation is relevant when the assessment is made that the woman does not regularly ovulate on her own, for example in connection with an irregular menstrual cycle.

The treatment to enable ovulation is usually done with pills, Letrozole, which is taken during cycle days 3-7 in the menstruation cycle. An ultrasound check is then done a little later on in the cycle to check that an Ovarian follicle is being formed, which indicates that ovulation will soon occur. The time of ovulation can then be followed with ovulation tests (LH test) or alternatively a syringe to induce ovulation can be given.

Sometimes treatment with hormone injections is also used instead of treatment with tablets.

If pregnancy is not achieved after 4-6 cycles, a position on IVF treatment may be required.

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