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Egg Freezing

The purpose of egg freezing is to give a woman an opportunity to preserve or extend her fertility. 

Procedure for Egg Freezing

A treatment cycle for freezing eggs takes almost two weeks to complete. During the treatment, hormone injections take place on a daily basis, allowing multiple eggs in the ovaries to mature. Ultrasound scanning is performed once or twice during  the treatment period to follow the growth of the egg follicles. The eggs are retrieved vaginally using an ultrasound guide and this is completed in around 10 -15 minutes.

Recommended number of eggs to freeze

Not every egg that is frozen will be of sufficiently quality for future  fertilization. In an egg collection procedure, some of the eggs retrieved may not be good enough for freezing or will be unable to survive the freezing (cryopreservation) process. To have a reasonable chance of a pregnancy in the future, a woman is usually recommended to freeze at least 20 eggs. For a younger woman, it may be possible to obtain this number in one treatment cycle. Other women may need two or three treatment cycles to reach that number. Information and recommendations concerning this will be given after the basal investigation has been performed.

Future IVF treatment

Frozen eggs can be stored until the woman wishes to use them. Fertilization of frozen/thawed eggs follows the same routine as in standard IVF.

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