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At IVF, also called test tube fertilization, the sperm fertilizes an egg outside the woman's body. The scientific term is in vitro fertilization, hence the abbreviation IVF (in vitro = in glass and fertilization = fertilization).

IVF can be used in all forms of infertility and is today the most effective form of assisted fertilization. 
The couple's own eggs and sperm can be used, alternatively donated sperm and/or eggs can be used.

How and IVF-treatment works

With IVF, the woman is first stimulated with hormones to make several eggs mature. The eggs are removed from the woman's ovaries by inserting a thin needle into the ovary via the vagina, under the guidance of ultrasound. The male's sperm samples, alternatively the donated sperm, are then prepared to isolate the best sperm.

Movable sperm and eggs are then brought together in a culture dish so that fertilization can take place. After 2-6 days, an embryo is returned to the uterus.

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