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Insemination with own or donated sperm

Insemination using the man's own sperm or donated sperm can be performed. This can be done in a natural menstrual cycle or in combination with ovulation stimulation.

Insemination with the man's own sperm

Insemination with the man's own sperm can be done when there is an indication, for example, that the couple have difficulty in sexual performance, or the man has mildly impaired sperm, or ejaculation problem.

Insemination with donated sperm

Insemination with donated sperm can be performed for single women and lesbian couples. Even heterosexual couples where the man lacks sperm can receive help through insemination with donated sperms.

How is insemination performed?

Insemination is done the day after a positive ovulation test result during a natural cycle or in conjunction with a stimulated cycle where the day of ovulation is regulated by hormones. The sperm sample is prepared and concentrated, containing only motile sperm, which is then inseminated into the woman's uterus with a thin catheter. Usually,  insemination is painless and easy to perform.

The number of treatments needed is individual. If insemination prosedures do not result in pregnancy, IVF treatment is recommended.

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