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Reasons for infertility

Involuntary infertility is a common occurance. Infertility can have several different causes, sometimes the cause remains unknown.

Reasons for infertility in the woman:
Reasons for female infertility can be her age, irregular flow with abberant ovulation, hormonal imbalances, being severly under - or overweight. Some women have polycystic ovaries (PCO) which can affect the menstrual cycle, occasionally a damaged oviduct can occur after a chlamydia infection or after an abdominal operation which negatively affects fertility. Malformations, myomas or polyps in the uterus can also be a cause, even endometriosis to a certain extent.

Reasons for infertility in the man:
Reasons for male infertility may be impaired or absent sperm production, which is sometimes due to unclear reasons but may be due to viral infections in the testes or epididymis in cases of prostatis. Another reason can be some form of blockage in the spermatic duct after an operation, infection or deformation. Erectile dysfunction may also hinder fertility, as well as medicines, anabolic steroids and drugs of different kinds can adversely affect sperm production.

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