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Embrace-Embryo Analysis of Culture Environment

Embrace (Embryo Analysis of Culture Environment) is a non-invasive genetic analysis that can be carried out at GynHälsan Fertility Clinic/Minerva Fertility in order to optimaze the outcome of an IVF-treatment. EMBRACE is a non-invasive method that does not affect the embryo in a negative Way. The embryo develops in a drop of liquid called culture medium. DNA from the medium is collected and analysed.
It classifies the embryos according to their chance of being healthy. The best-quality embryos will be given the highest score and prioritized for transfer. This method is unique and is used to achieve successful results with a non-invasive test that requires no additional handling of the embryo, which always remains safe in our Laboratory.
This analysis kan be complimeneted with ERA-test to optimize the outcome of an embryotansfer and  leading to more efficient IVF treatment.

Please contact us for more information regarding the analysis or the exact price (the price depends on treatment and number of embryos).

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