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IVF with donated sperm

Donor IVF with donated sperm is performed at the GynHälsan Fertility Clinic and the treatment is offered to couples as well as single people. Donor IVF or donor insemination are possible treatments using donated sperm, which treatment method is suitable to use depends on the cause of the infertility. Advice on this is given in connection with the initial investigation.

We have no waiting times for treatment with donated gametes; sperm is available.

Donated sperm is handled in accordance with current legislation, which means that only known donors may be used. This means that the child of a mature age has the right to find out his genetic origin. Sperm are chosen where a match is made primarily based on external characteristics.

Vid donator-IVF med donerade spermier föregås det laborativa arbetet av att kvinnan har genomgått en hormonstimuerling där ägg plockats ut från hennes äggstockar. Därefter sammanförs de donerade spermierna i en odlingsskål på laboratoriet med kvinnans ägg så att befruktning kan ske. Efter 2-6 dagars odling återförs ett embryo till kvinnans livmoder. Om fler än ett embryo bildas fryses de övriga ned, de kan sedan nyttjas vid framtida behandlingar.

In cases of donor IVF with donated sperm, the laboratory work is preceded by the woman having undergone a hormonal stimulation in which eggs are removed from her ovaries. The donated sperm are then combined in a culture dish in the laboratory with the woman's eggs so that fertilization can take place. After 2-6 days of culture, an embryo is returned to the woman's uterus. If more than one embryo is formed, the others are frozen, which can then be used for future treatments.

GynHälsan Fertilitetsklinik/Minerva Fertility collaborates with Seattle Sperm Bank and the European Sperm Bank, donated sperm can be obtained from them. We also have our own sperm bank in Uppsala, Minerva Sperma and Egg bank, which is located in close proximity to the GynHälsan Fertility Clinic. In the local sperm bank there are donated gamete cells from Sweden

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