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IVF with donated sperm

IVF treatment with donated sperm is offered to couples as well as single women. Donor IVF and donor insemination are possible treatments using donated sperm, and which treatment method is suitable to use depends on the cause of infertility. Advice on this is given in connection with the initial investigation.

We have no waiting times for treatment with donated gametes; sperm are available.

Donated sperm are handled in accordance with the current legislation in Sweden, which means that only known donors are allowed. This also means that a resulting child, at a mature age, has the right to find out about his or her genetic origin. Sperm are chosen where a match is made primarily on the basis of external characteristics.

IVF treatment with donated sperm

IVF treatment with donated sperm, the woman is first treated with hormones in order to stimulate several eggs in the ovaries to become mature. The eggs are retrieved from the woman's ovaries by inserting a thin needle into the ovary via the vagina, under ultrasonographic  guidance. Donated motile sperm are allowed to fertilize eggs in a culture dish in the laboratory. After 2 -6 days of culture, an embryo is returned to the uterus. If more than one embryo is formed, the others are cryopreserved, which can then be used for future treatments.

Sperm Bank

GynHälsan Fertilitetsklinik/Minerva Fertility collaborates with Seattle Sperm Bank and the European Sperm Bank; donated sperm can be obtained from them. We also have our own sperm bank in Uppsala, Minerva Sperm and Egg bank, which is located in close proximity to the GynHälsan Fertility Clinic. In the local sperm bank donated gamete cells from Sweden are available. 

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