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IVF with donated oocytes

IVF with donated eggs is performed without waiting times, eggs are available.

Donated eggs are handled in accordance with the current legislation in Sweden, which means that only known donors are allowed. This means that the child of a mature age has the right to find out his or her genetic origin. Eggs are chosen where a match is made primarily based on external characteristics.

Eggs are chosen where a match is made mainly based on the external characteristics of the woman who is to bear the pregnancy.

In donor IVF treatment with donated eggs, the woman is stimulated with estrogen to make the endometrium in uterus receptive to an embryo. The receptivity is monitored by performing ultrasound scanning.  Cryopreserved donated eggs are thawd and fertilized with  motile  sperm (from the man in the couple or donated sperm) and cultured in a dish in the laboratory. After 2-6 days of culture, an embryo is returned to the uterus. If more than one embryo develops, the others are cryopreserved, which can then be used for future treatments.

GynHälsan Fertility Clinic/Minerva Fertility collaborates with First Egg Bank who offers a large selection of egg donors, which makes the choice of an egg donor easier. We also have our own egg bank with frozen eggs, Minerva Sperm and Egg Bank, which is located in close proximity to the GynHälsan Fertility Clinic. In the local egg bank there are donated gamete cells from Sweden.

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