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The Fertility Laboratory and our Embryologists

The embryologists at the clinic's laboratory work with eggs, sperm and embryos in a systemized and quality-controlled manner. Our team has many years of experience within the field of Reproductive Medicine and they also have a great interest in the field of research. We keep ourselves at the forefront when it comes to new developments, but we also think that it is important to base our activity on proven experience. The laboratory maintains high standards and is localized in new; and pleasant premises.

One of our embryologists conducting an ICSI procedure.

You are welcome to contact us!
+46 (0)18-12 80 17

GynHälsan Fertility Clinic
Kålsängsgränd 10 d, 3rd floor
SE-753 19 Uppsala
+46 (0)18-12 80 17 
The clinic is centrally located near Uppsala's Central Station