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About us and our work

Target Group
We target ourselves towards everyone in the fertile group, couples as well as singles are welcome. We also offer the option of freezing eggs as well as sperms for fertility preservation.

Our acitivy and our expertise
We have highly skilled staff at our clinic, with many years of expertise within our field. The doctors, embryologists and midwives have solid experience, with an eye for our field of expertise, as well as qualifications withing the field of reproductive medicine research. We keep ourselves up to date when it comes to the latest developments within our industry and we think that it's important to base our operation on tried and tested experience. To give good care with the patient as the focal point is very important to us, and we work hard to achieve good results. Every treatment that is conducted is individualized based on the patients background and findings during our examination

Head of operations and physician: Professor and specialist in reproductive medicine Helena Åkerud
Doctor: Associate Professor and specialist doctor Greta Edelstam,
Specialist doctor Katarina Vaegter and with Dr Peter Åkerud (male infertility) 

Laboratoriechef: Embryolog Janet Candell
Embryologist: Associate Professor Monalill Lundqvist and Birgitta Eriksson
Research Manager:  Dr Helena Kaihola
Fertility Nurse: Lisa Eriksson and Eva-Lena Enström
Administration Manager: Kristina Overend

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If you have any questions you are welcome to contact us!
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