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Welcome to GynHälsan Fertility Clinic and Minerva Fertility!

At our fertility clinic in the central part of Uppsala we carry out infertility investigations and treatments such as IVF, donor-IVF and insemination. Furthermore, we offer the possibility to freeze oocytes and sperm for fertility preservation. 

Couples as well as singles are welcome, and you can turn to us if you live in any country within the EU.  

No referral is needed and we offer treatment without waiting time.

The clinic is centrally located close to the Central Station in Uppsala.
Stockholm Arlanda Airport is located nearby. 

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+46 (0)18 - 12 80 17

We provide fertility related consultation and conduct infertility examinations.

We offer treatment depending on what our examinations show.

The arrangement and strategy used for the advised treatment is always 


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Our treatments:
-hormone treatment for
stimulation of ovulation
insemination with the man's own sperm, or alternatively, donated sperm

- IVF/ICSIalso known as sperm injection or assisted fertilization. The couples´ own eggs and sperm are used, alternatively, the treatment is carried out with donated sperm and/or
eggs (donor-IVF)

- egg freezing and sperm freezing for fertility preservation

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Investigation and advice on infertility is fully funded by the County Council for persons with a Swedish personal  identification number; others pay privately.

Parts of continued care/treatment are financed by the County Council, while other parts are privately financed. The possibility of making partial payments is available.

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Personalized treatment

At our clinic we have staff with a high level of competence within the field. We focus on the patient, competency and a flexible way of working. Every treatment that is conducted is individually adapted, based on the background of the patient as well as findings in our examinations.


Some of the health care provided is financed by the County Council (for patients with a Swedish personal identification number), while other parts are fully paid in private.

You are welcome to contact us!
+46 (0)18-12 80 17

GynHälsan Fertility Clinic
Kålsängsgränd 10 d, 3rd floor
SE-753 19 Uppsala
+46 (0)18-12 80 17 
The clinic is centrally located near Uppsala's Central Station